Our Process

What to expect during the kitchen remodel process or bathroom remodel process

Site Visit

a) After our initial discussion over the phone or in our showroom, we will perform a detailed site visit with you at your home. We will have a deeper conversation on the vision for your bathroom or kitchen, your wish list of how you want it to function, and initial thoughts around styles and finishes.


b) From that we will generate two proposals: one proposal where our contractor will detail all the labor and construction materials needed for the remodel. The proposal is a narrative of each step of the remodel, priced accordingly.

c) The second proposal, from CT Shower & Bath, includes all the finished material. You’ll receive a detailed list of actual components needed to complete the project. Each line item is priced so you will see where the costs are allocated. We include links to the various manufacturers’ products where you can dig deeper into the specifications, or perhaps look at similar items in that category. The selection of products in any home improvement category can be overwhelming. We find that selecting products based on the site visit process, provides immediate feedback to you on style, function and cost. It also serves as a great starting point for final selection of products. The detailed proposals are provided to you at no cost.

Designs & Renderings

d) We also do full rendering design work, if the project warrants it. We will review the floor plans and elevations with you, in our showroom. This design work is kept as our property until we have a commitment from you to engage.

Final Selections

e) If you decide to move forward with us, then we would work with you to make final selections. This would include reviewing materials at our showroom, searches via the Internet, and a visit to the tile store. Our goal is to be all inclusive and one-stop shopping.