Think twice (or more) when planning a frameless glass enclosure

As everyone pushes for the ultimate shower, frameless glass enclosures must be thought of in the planning stages. I have lost count on how many of our customers contact us too late in the process that puts the whole design in jeopardy. When you are spending thousands of dollars, please take a few moments for you or your contractor to call us for any detail associated with how the glass will be installed to the finish envelope. The finish envelope is any surface where the glass will be installed. It includes thresholds, decks, caps, walls and ceilings. Case in point: if you plan to have a shower with many angles to it, then you must ensure the wall which carries the glass door is perpendicular to the curb or threshold. This is especially true for neo-angle designs where one outside corner is “clipped” to create the angle where the door will sit. If you remember your geometry from high school, the angles should be 135 degrees. These angles will allow you choose from many different hinge styles and ensure the door will open and close properly. Ok, sorry to get technical here so I’ll condense it to one simple, easy to remember statement: for the door to be right, the hinge wall must be square and plumb tight.

Posted by Steven Vendetta on February 27, 2012