Let the design flow with the right faucet

Tune in to any home improvement channel on television, and you’ll most likely see an advertisement for a faucet. Faucets are one of the biggest design cues you have for plumbing hardware. It sets the tone for shower heads, handheld showers, shower controls, and tub fills. All the major manufacturers have multiple series to choose from to match just about any theme you’re thinking about:  traditional, transitional, modern, and victorian to name a few. There are four types of faucets to choose from: 8” spread, 4” mini spread, 4” center set and monoblock. Eight inch spread has three separate holes for the hot, cold and fill. The hot and cold are 8” apart. Following suit, the 4” mini spread has three holes where the hot and cold are only 4” apart. The center set faucet has all three components mounted on one base, so there isn’t any visible spread. The center set still requires three holes for mounting, but the base creates the illusion there is only one. Lastly, the mono block has only one mounting hole that the entire faucet mounts to. This design integrates the hot and cold controls with the spout. Because of their larger scale, 8” spread faucets look appropriate with a larger sink and vanity top. These are mostly used for a master bath. Correspondingly, the smaller spreads or monoblock faucets work well with smaller bowls. You’ll typically see these faucets in smaller main baths or powder rooms. All the major manufacturers like Kohler, Delta, Moen and Grohe, offer the typical finishes like chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass. Some of the more upper scale faucet manufacturers like Cifial, Sigma, Brizo and California Faucets offer more exotic finishes like wrought iron, pewter, brushed chrome and 24 karat gold to name a few. Take the time to study the design of faucets and pick the style that you can carry throughout the entire bathroom.

Posted by Steven Vendetta on February 19, 2012