Medicine cabinets offer a lot of style/function in a small amount of space

A great way to gain storage in a bathroom is the use of a mirrored medicine cabinet. The style and function of a cabinet has progressed quite a bit. There are three basic types to choose from: recessed, semi-recessed or surface mount. If you choose recessed or semi-recessed, you’ll need to be concerned about any electrical of plumbing lines that may interfere with cabinet “box”. Invariably, the vent stack for the sink typically runs up the wall in the same lateral position as the sink drain. This will put it smack in the middle of the medicine cabinet. If you are into a full gut and remodel of the bath, then spend the few extra dollars to offset the stack so you have the room for the cabinet in the right location. The cabinet box is usually made of aluminum panels and extruded frames with a durable powder coated finish. The mirror is typically ¼ clear, but can be as thin as 1/8 inch. There are wood framed cabinets as well, where you can match the style and wood of the vanity. Look for cabinets that have glass shelves that are fully adjustable. This will allow you to store your items efficiently. Also, hidden fully adjustable hinges are a must. These hinges will allow you to ensure a nice even reveal and allow the doors to swing beyond 90 degrees. A frameless medicine cabinet provides a more modern, cleaner look. This style has no framing around the mirror, and most manufacturers give you the option of a simple polished edge or enhance your look with a bevel on all four sides. A few manufactures will even provide options of an electrical outlet, drinking cup with holder and additional magnified mirror on the inside of the cabinet, all in an effort to provide superior convenience and function in a small amount of space.

Posted by Steven Vendetta on February 12, 2012