The toilet is evolving

You would think toilets haven’t changed for the past 50 years. Guess again! Toilets certainly serve a much needed function in the bathroom, but the engineering and styling has brought the toilet to a new level of sophistication. First a few basic features that are important: Most toilet manufacturers will offer one and two piece designs. The one piece design is casted as “one piece”. It eliminates the assembly of the tank to the bowl and the much dreaded seam between each component. There are three types of bowls: round, compact elongated and elongated. Not all manufacturers offer the compact elongated version, but it comes in handy when the overall length of the toilet needs to be as small as possible. There are two heights to choose from: comfort height (also known as universal or ADA) and standard height. There is about 1 ½ to 1 ¾ inch difference in height, and you would be surprised how that difference can help with getting on and off of the toilet. All toilets have 1.6 federally mandated gallons per flush (GPF); however, most manufacturers are quickly moving to 1.28 GPF or dual flush modes. Dual flush gives you the option to use about ½ of the flush for moving liquids vs. solid waste. When it comes to the “guts” of the toilet, Toto has made a true science of it. Their valves are one of the largest in the industry and the trap way was designed to move a lot of waste quickly. Don’t discount Kohler , Gerber of American Standard. All are striving to have the best toilet in the industry. Check out this video from Toto and you’ll see what a great functional design can do:

Posted by Steven Vendetta on February 5, 2012