February, 2012

Think twice (or more) when planning a frameless glass enclosure

As everyone pushes for the ultimate shower, frameless glass enclosures must be thought of in the planning stages. I have lost count on how many of our customers contact us too late in the process that puts the whole design in jeopardy. When you are spending thousands of dollars, please take a few moments for […]

Let the design flow with the right faucet

Tune in to any home improvement channel on television, and you’ll most likely see an advertisement for a faucet. Faucets are one of the biggest design cues you have for plumbing hardware. It sets the tone for shower heads, handheld showers, shower controls, and tub fills. All the major manufacturers have multiple series to choose […]

Medicine cabinets offer a lot of style/function in a small amount of space

A great way to gain storage in a bathroom is the use of a mirrored medicine cabinet. The style and function of a cabinet has progressed quite a bit. There are three basic types to choose from: recessed, semi-recessed or surface mount. If you choose recessed or semi-recessed, you’ll need to be concerned about any […]

The toilet is evolving

You would think toilets haven’t changed for the past 50 years. Guess again! Toilets certainly serve a much needed function in the bathroom, but the engineering and styling has brought the toilet to a new level of sophistication. First a few basic features that are important: Most toilet manufacturers will offer one and two piece […]