Handheld showers aren’t just for the rich & famous

A nice addition to any shower or tub is a separate handheld showerhead. The handheld can help with those awkward areas when rinsing, or provide a relaxing stream of water for those aches and pains. It also allows you to control the water when cleaning the walls, base or even the glass of your tub or shower. The heads can be a single spray or multiple. If you choose the multiple spray option, it can really pinpoint an invigorating massage for those hard to reach muscle groups. Typical hose length is 60 inches and make sure you get one that has a flexible rubber core sheathed in spiral metal. Nothing is more frustrating than having a plastic hose that twists like a pretzel. A handheld can be retrofitted into an existing tub or shower without opening up the walls. Manufacturers like Alsons, Moen, Kohler, Grohe and Delta offer push-button valves that install in between the shower arm and head. Simply push the valve in one direction to divert the water to the handheld and push back for using the fixed head. You can specify a mounting bracket that will stow the handheld neatly against the wall. If you’re planning a remodel where the plumbing will be exposed, then go the extra mile and have a separate supply line installed for the handheld. This will require the addition of a wall ell and a diverter valve. In this arrangement, the handheld hose will attach to its own supply source via the ell and the diverter valve will direct the water by turning the lever to preset points.

Posted by Steven Vendetta on January 29, 2012