January, 2012

Handheld showers aren’t just for the rich & famous

A nice addition to any shower or tub is a separate handheld showerhead. The handheld can help with those awkward areas when rinsing, or provide a relaxing stream of water for those aches and pains. It also allows you to control the water when cleaning the walls, base or even the glass of your tub […]

Door seals are your friend for a frameless enclosure

Don’t underestimate the use of seals for a frameless shower enclosure. The most important area to seal is the door, and we typically use three types: door sweep, hinge seal and strike seal. There are many seals on the market today that vary in performance, looks and cost. We like the ones that are most […]

A simple primer on bath vanities

When shopping for a bath vanity here are some things to keep in mind. Most stock and semi custom manufactures start the cabinet width at 24” with 6” increments up to 60”. Longer vanities can be configured with modules of door and drawer banks. Cherry, maple, birch and oak are the most popular species of […]

A suggestion when planning for a frameless glass enclosure

Frameless glass enclosures are quite the rage in bathroom remodeling, but there are some things to think about before the glass is installed. If you plan to do a “traditional” mud base and tiled walls, then there is one suggestion that can save a lot of headaches. Consider using a “one piece” cap for the […]